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Lander PR Ltd is renowned as one of the most respected London based UK Music PR agencies



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We are noted as friendly but hard working team who strive to raise the visibility of all the artist we represent and seek to ensure that

our clients are getting a company who are willing to go that extra mile in what is already an increasingly busy media marketplace.


We specialise in helping both established and independent music artists seek 

Online Journals, Radio / TV / Student exposure through all the key Music and Media PR outlets


Feel free to mail us at for enquiries or artist campaign proposals call 004 (0) 20 8446 888


''"Our experience with Lander has been incredible, they're fuelled by such enthusiasm and positive energy, they take on board what the artist wants and channel it with their own expertise to create a campaign that always exceeds our expectations.'' Kate & Dan,  Meadowlark  (Believe Recordings)


 "I hadn’t been back to the UK since 1965 and Judd and his staff made me feel very welcome. He pulled off some fantastic Radio & TV shows, including an interview and performance on BBC’s Later With Jools Holland. He’s my kind of guy." Righteous Brother,  Bill Medley


"The team have been fantastic. Always quick to respond with feedback from various publications and producers. They brought in some fantastic opportunities for the band’s first 2017 release. We look forward to working with Lander PR again in the near future. Luna Tides


"From day one, the enthusiasm and dedication from everyone was incredible. I cannot fault the hard work that they have put in, to gain as much radio and TV exposure as possible for developing artists such as myself."  Natasha North



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Lander PR Ltd LanderPR is without doubt one of the most respected Music PR agencies in the UK. Whether an artist requires National Radio PR, National TV PR, or just online music PR, Lander PR is the company to call upon! Lander PR hosts a number of promotion services that relates to the UK music radio scene. Lander PR also provide PR services for indie international artists & labels, including European artist UK Music PR campaigns, US artists UK PR campaigns, in general any World Wide artist who requires a UK Music PR services or a UK Music PR agency! Lander PR pride themselves as a PR agency that can cater for an eclectic mix of musical repertoire and genres of music, including; Indie PR, Urban Promotion, Thrash Metal PR. Jazz PR, Rock PR, blues PR Heavy Metal PR, progressive rock PR, punk rock PR, electric folk PR, folk punk PR, drum & bass PR, grime PR and Britpop PR, Electro pr, Trip Hop PR, Grunge PR, Psychedelia PR, Reggae PR, Scar PR, Funk PR, Hip Hop PR. We cater for a host of Major labels and Indie labels as well as independent acts seeking bespoke PR services. We have also worked with some of the worlds greatest classic artists on their specialist UK PR strategies. The areas LanderPR cover includes London artist PR, PR for artists in the North west, PR via Birmingham, PR via Scotland, PR in Wales, PR in Cities such as Manchester, PR in Liverpool, PR in Leeds, PR in Ireland. Essentially covering all genre's of music PR, throughout the UK. Lander PR throughout its sister companies landerrecords and landermusic also help support an array of domestic acts. UK Music pr | UK Radio PR | UK TV PR | Music Online PR are just a few of the services Lander PR offer offer. The company founder, Judd Lander, has won numerous awards for his services in PR check here If an artist requires any form of promotion support, Lander PR Ltd could be the home for you. As you can see we embrace all artist and musicians whether they be overseas newcomers, or established artists seeking the Best Music PR services, or the Best Radio PR, the Best TV music PR or Online Music PR Service. Whether it's a Radio Plugger, TV Plugger, Online PR or a good quality Music PR service we are always here to help! We also embrace all UK Indie Bands PR, general Music PR, Music Public Relations know as Music Plugging, PR Music, Music Promo, Music Public Relations, Public Relations Music, Public Relations for Music, Music PR Companies, Music PR agency, London, PR Companies Music, London Music PR, PR Music Companies, Music Public Relations, PR Companies, Music PR Agencies, Music PR Firms, Music Public Relations Firms, Music PR Firm, Music Publicity, London PR Company, Publicity For Music, Music PR Agency, Promo Music, Music Promo, Music Industry PR, Music Industry Public Relations, Public Relations withIn The Music Industry, Public Relations In Music, Music Online Press Agency, House Music Promo, Dance Music PR, Urban Music PR, Urban Music Promotion, Music PR Company, Rock PR, Music PR Uk, Uk Music PR, Promo Music Videos, Music PR Companies London, Music PR Companies In London, Music Promotion Agency, Music PR Agencies London, Music Publicity,Companies, Music PR Firms, Online Music PR Companies, Music Industry PR, Music PR Agency, Music Publicity Agencies music PR Britain, British Music PR, Music Promotion, as you have no doubt gathered, Music PR is our Forte! Online music pr online and radio music pr online pr PR Radio PR Online PR TV, UK PR Indie PR, House PR, Radio Plugging, Producers, Press News, European Touring, Historical Roster, New Music, Introducing Music, good radio pr , good online music pr, best online music pr, best national radio pr, best national music radio pr, best national music tv pr, best pr agency, best pr company, best music pr company, good music pr company, good online music company, good radio pr company, good tv pr company, best know music pr agencies, best known radio plugging agency, well know music pr agency, greatest pr agency, great music pr agency, great online music pr agency, the best online music pr agency, the beast radio and online music agency, music plugging agency, music online pr, music radio pr, music tv pr, metal online pr, rock online pr, dance online pr, country online pr, specialist online pr. Best pop pr, best new music pr, best music pr company in London, best music pr company in UK!

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